Unione industriale


CI.EMME.A. Srl offers a complete carpentry service for the design, construction and assembly of small, medium and large metal structures. Each job is faced with extreme flexibility from small to large works, ensuring a service including auxiliary activities, such as construction, electrical, lifting and transport, offering a service in the “turnkey” formula.


Structures in electro-welded steel for offshore equipment including tensioners, winches and supports for laying pipelines.


CI.EMME.A. s.r.l. projects and instals specific applications and components for every kind of machinery to increase efficiency, productivity and safety of older lines.


Qualified welders according to EN 287-1 and EN ISO9606-1 standards.
Welding procedures qualified by ENTI TERZI according to EN ISO 15614-1 standards.
Welding of carpentry structures with welding procedures and welders according to AWS D1.1 standards.
Our work is performed following the Customer’s Manufacturing Plans.
Control and Quality in accordance with applicable regulatory standards.
In this context the weldings are subjected to non-destructive tests.
Repairs are carried out on machinery and worn and / or damaged mechanical parts.


CI.EMME.A. s.r.l. has at its disposal higly qualified technicians and manages activities of mechanical/electrical maintenance, inspection and repairs on a variety of machinery, assuring customs a first aid service.
It realises repairs of repristination on damaged or worn components , or the construction of new ones and it is able to realise mechanical workings using machine tools for small particulars as for big ones.


CI.EMME.A. s.r.l. is able to manage professionally and efficiently the relocation of whole production lines that are moved inside the plant or to another country, attending to disassembly, transport, installation, start-up and supporting the production (turnkey service).

Luxury staircases & Design

CI.EMME.A. creates metal design structures based on the client’s design.
In particular, it has specialized in creating complex self-supporting stairs that can be seen in the boutiques of the most prestigious luxury brands all over the world.